August 6 Update

We had another great week with Eastbrook Outdoors and worshiping in the sun.  God really blessed us with nice weather, two weeks in a row! Construction is moving forward as we are dealing with some of the more tedious aspects of the job prior to the more visually obvious tasks.
We are still planning to worship in the Worship Hall this coming weekend. As we anticipated, we will not have carpet and there will be some remaining construction. We will try to keep any construction-related impact on the worship service at a minimal level.
Here’s what happened this week:
  • Round two of the asbestos removal took place.  We had to deal with unexpected areas of mastic under the tile floor.  We are officially rid of the asbestos on the floor.
  • Painters have started painting the ceiling.  The new color is offering a new face lift and renewed richness to our ceiling.
  • The ceiling tiles that have been falling in the Fellowship Hall have all been removed.
Prayer Points:
  • Please continue to keep this project in prayer and that we will give the issues over to God.
  • Pray for the workers that are working in the ceiling and other heights
  • Continue to pray for the flooring as we are getting close to a final solution
  • Pray we are able to resolve the current requests the city has given to the architects
  • Pray for all who use our space to be able to focus on what these spaces will become rather than to focus on the current inconveniences of the project
Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this project.

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