Communication at Eastbrook exists to help our guests learn how and where to plug in and to keep our church family informed. We pursue both by bringing attention to all-church events, gatherings, and opportunities and by supporting the communication efforts of our ministries.


While much of our work begins with a conversation or exploratory email with our Director of Communication, the formal process starts when you request help by filling out a project information form. Once it is submitted, we will quickly acknowledge we’ve received it and schedule a meeting to take the first steps.

Promotion Request Form

Have an event or initiative that you need to communicate to our Eastbrook family?

Design Request Form

Need a handout? A T-shirt design? Signage? A web graphic?

Website Requests

Need a website edit or other change? Looking to add a new page to your ministry offerings? Or some other web project?

Video Request Form

Have a concept for a video project? The first step is to fill out this form.

Room Label Update

Do you have a change to submit to our room label signage? Then fill out this form! One per change, please.


The email is sent to subscribers every Wednesday at 11 am. It highlights between 10 to 12 items. This is the best way to stay in touch with what’s happening at Eastbrook throughout the week & on the weekends.

Sign Up Here

Eastbrook has two Ministry Booths which are available for various ministries to check out for use on the weekends. These relational spaces are intended to create intentional space for our ministries to engage with the congregation. Reserve them using the Promotion Request Form.

The bulletin is distributed by our ushers every weekend as guests enter the Worship Hall. Copies also are available at the Welcome Desk. The bulletin includes the weekly calendar highlights, the worship insert, 6 event announcements about gatherings/news items, a listing of resources, and a description of ways to connect.

We preview events, news, and gatherings on two screens in the front of the Worship Hall before each service, as well as on screens both on the weekends and during the week in various locations throughout our Campus.

Our goal is that all of our ministries would be described in brochures and on their own webpages. These brochures are available in both Lobbies, the Church Office, and Holy Grounds Coffeehouse.

Our team uses social media to engage our church family, share information, responses, insights, and to answer questions about Eastbrook Church. We focus on using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Paper event posters are an effective means of publicizing your group’s events to the Eastbrook community. There are many public bulletin boards in high-traffic areas on campus that your group should take advantage of when publicizing for events, however, you should be aware of the public postering policies. Officially, posters are torn down by Communication personnel every Friday afternoon.

Serve In Communication

We involve volunteer photographers, designers, copy editors, proofers, writers, web designers, and video storytellers. We’re always looking for talented volunteers to get involved.

Are you interested in serving in Communication at Eastbrook?

Questions? Contact:

Liz Carver
Director of Communication
and First Impressions
414.228.5220 x211