December 10 Update

Since the play is over, we can move into high gear and finish things up. There still remains work to be done in the final stages of this project: 

  • Carpet in the Alcove is being completed
  • Q-Sys lighting control is being completed
  • HVAC work on rooftop needs to be completed
  • Additional handrails need to be added for the Alcove stairs
  • Production system (camera/laptop/Pro-presenter control) needs to be completed
  • Wenger system will need to be installed when it arrives

We need to find a solution for chairs.   The Wenger system in the Alcove will require chairs that are shallower that our current chairs. We are evaluating alternatives but having some trouble reaching the vendor that sells the chairs that seem like the best alternative.  This will most likely prevent us from installing the Wenger system in the Alcove prior to Christmas.  The system for the stage extension is planned to be used for our Christmas Eve services.

Prayer Points:

  • Please continue to keep this project in prayer and that we will give the issues over to God.
  • Pray that the work to that needs to take place outdoors will go smoothly despite winter conditions.
  • Pray that the carpet installation goes as expected
  • Pray we do not miss any key details and we are finishing work.
  • Pray as a church we appreciate the upgrades we all get to enjoy

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