Loving our Neighbors: You’re Invited

As our city and world continue to cope with the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing, a key theme is beginning to emerge. Whether from our church members across the city, or from our partners around the world, our greatest response to COVID-19 is to simply love our neighbors. With our movements restricted, it is those who live and work closest to us whom we have the greatest opportunity (and now available time!) to care for and love.

This past Sunday we heard stories from Asia and Africa where field workers are leaning in to those around them and God is doing wonderful things to meet emergency needs, build relationships, and have the love and light of the Gospel shared with their community.

You are invited to join this work, not by getting on a plane or travelling across the city, but rather by simply reaching out and loving those around you- your literal neighbors.

If you haven’t already, a simple and safe way to start the conversation is to send a letter to your neighbors letting them know you’re there for them. Below are three templates you are welcome to use, but also feel free to make it personal!

Also, we’d love to hear what creative ways you’ve found to bring light and hope to your neighborhood, and we’d love to share those ideas with others here! Email Dan at dryan@eastbrook.org to share how you’re loving your neighbors.

Here’s the templates:

Initial General Letter Template

Initial Care Group Letter Template

May General Letter Template


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