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Recent One to One Care Graduates

We in Eastbrook’s One to One Care ministry would like to introduce 4 new Care Givers. These 4 started the extensive Stephen Ministry training last spring with a larger group of trainees. The training class was interrupted by COVID back in March and not everyone was able to continue the classes this fall, but the following 5 did: Vera Cross, Brandon Feil, Lola Lawal, Joanne Peterson, and Rosanne Weida. One to One Care Ministry is a resource for people who are going through grief or crises of many kinds. Our Care Givers journey with them, meeting with them once a week to listen, pray and point them to Jesus. If you are interested in being a Care Receiver, contact Kevin Eggert at 262.894.4727 or We congratulate our new Care Givers!

Vera Cross

Brandon Feil

Lola Lawal

Joanne Peterson

Rosanne Weida

One to One Care is the Stephen Ministry at Eastbrook Church.

If you are going through a rough time, whether because of job loss, divorce, loneliness, cancer, death of a loved one or something else, please consider asking us for your own One to One Care Giver. A One to One Care Giver will meet with you—privately and confidentially—on a weekly basis to listen, care, encourage, support, and remind you of Christ’s presence in your life.


One to One Care is a confidential ministry. What a Care Receiver tells a One to One Care Giver remains confidential. Even in supervision, the names of Care Receivers and specific details are never discussed.


One to One Care is a supervised ministry. One to One Care Givers engage in twice-monthly supervision to ensure that they are providing the best-quality Christian care.


One to One Care Givers are not counselors. They are trained to listen and care—not counsel or advise.


One to One Care Givers do not make cold calls. They are assigned only to people who agree to receive the care of a One to One Care Giver.

Would you like to receive care?

One to One Care is here to help you in your time of need. If you would like to receive care from a One to One Care Giver, use the button below.

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One to One Care Training

Stay tuned for future training sessions.

One to One Care Ministry Team

Pastor Ruth Carver
Sr. Director, Congregational Care
414.228.5220 x208

Kevin Eggert
One to One Care Coordinator

Brenda Banks
Becky Breitrick
Ruth Carver
John Christoffer
Wildred Dolgner
Kevin Eggert
Renee Gent
Sheila Goehring
Eunice Grennier

Nancy Guy Peterson
Sheila Haygood
Brenda Hobbs
Mary Jirovec
Beth Kiskunas
Steve Kiskunas
Kris Kosteretz
Linda Laetz
Kelly Leaver
Rita Luckett

Eno Meier
Clara Meyer
Eric Peterson
Joanelle Phillips
Jeff Pradjinski
Kim Ranicke
Richard Ranicke
Ellen Reed
Kari Rosado