Family Discipleship in Small Groups

Family Discipleship in Small Groups

Just as some families are forming homeschool “pods” to share in their children’s teaching responsibilities and to provide them with some social interaction, we encourage you to do this with other Eastbrook Famlies. If you’re already in a small group with other families—great! Consider having one group member be a “Kids Coordinator” (see below).

If you would like to get connected with a small group, please contact Eastbrook’s Small Group Coordinator, Rachael Sheets ( or attend the Small Group Connect event (October 18, 1pm, on Zoom). Here, you can learn when other family groups are meeting. Watch for more details on this in your weekly Eastbrook enews.

As children’s ministry leaders, we want to equip small groups with resources and training for how to disciple the kids that are members of the group. Using The Gospel Project curriculum, which allows our small-group attenders to stay on the same curriculum syllabus as our in-person attenders. Here are some other helpful tips for incorporating a kids’ discipleship segment into your small groups:

  • Appoint a kids’ coordinator. This person does not need to do all the teaching, but can serve as a liaison between children’s ministry and your group. Responsibilities might include: gathering any materials needed, including digital components and scheduling rotating leaders.
  • Start your small group sessions with a 15-20 minute kids’ discipleship lesson that the whole group engages in. This might include a worship song, memory verses, a Bible lesson, possibly a group game. Afterward, kids can do activity sheets or play on their own while adults do their own Bible study.
  • The whole-group engagement is vital. By having adults join the kids, they are sending the message that Bible study is important for all believers, at every stage of life and every stage of the faith journey. This in itself is a great lesson for our kids!
  • Prep your adults to be fully present in the kids’ presentation. They are modeling active learning to the kids, and they can encourage older kids, who sometimes feel they are growing out of the “kids’ lessons”.
  • Attend a Kids’ Coordinator training on Zoom. 


Pastor Laure Herlinger
Sr. Director, NextGen
414.228.5220 x225

Rachael Sheets
Small Groups Coordinator