Worship Choir

The Eastbrook Worship Choir is the largest body of worship leaders in the church, which passionately and purposefully sings God’s praises with energy, expression, conviction and genuine joy every other weekend from September through May.

The choir is committed to glorifying God through the singing of all different styles of music, and embraces learning music from around the world. We are also committed to glorifying God through our music, serving one another, attending weekly Thursday night rehearsals (from 7-9 pm in Room B229), leading in worship on scheduled weekends, and practicing and learning our music to the best of our ability (Psalm 33:1-3).

The Worship Choir Ministry is a calling, and members who are called to this ministry show up for rehearsals and services not because the director and other members are expecting them to be there, but because God is!

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Lisa Kay Galloway
Director, Music
414.228.5220 x245