Visual Arts

Since Eastbrook first began on the East Side of Milwaukee, the visual art community has been celebrated within our diverse congregation.

To this day, a committed group of artists, eager to invest in ministry and bless the church, serve our congregation in various ways. While we provide two main avenues within Eastbrook for visual artists to use their talents to glorify God, it is important to note that Eastbrook Church is supportive of the expression and growth of worship through the arts outside of the church as well.

Liturgical Arts Team

Our Liturgical Arts Team meets regularly to produce art together for use in the service of our corporate worship.

Based on the concept of liturgy (leitourgos=”the work of the people”), our Liturgical Arts Team produces art together that is used in our corporate liturgy. As such, what we do is simultaneously work and worship!

Our team considers how we can best engage the senses in worship and create a visual environment that will best guide our diverse congregation into a deeper conversation with God through corporate worship & teaching.

We are always looking for more creatives to help with construction, sewing, planning, concepting, painting, designing, etc.

Gallery + Showcase

Art doesn’t have to be for liturgical purposes, because all art created by those who love Christ is done for the glory of God! Just as the Eucharist does not limit eating and drinking to bread and wine, the liturgy does not limit artistic practice to icons, representational images, crosses, and the like. As such, Eastbrook has two gallery spaces on our campus that are used to highlight and reflect the creative talents and abilities of the artists in our congregation.

As 1 Thessalonians 5:21 says, we are to test everything and hold onto the good. As such, work displayed in our galleries (one located in the Main Lobby, which rotates bi-monthly, and one located in Holy Grounds Coffeehouse) is juried and screened for appropriateness based upon quality, subject matter, critical relevance, professionalism and an artist’s development with relation to the particular needs of the gallery at a given time.

Upcoming Events


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