September 25 Update

This past week most of the work took place on the Fellowship Hall HVAC and audio system.  We are making good progress but dealing with lots of details along the way.  Contractor scheduling, and product availability continue to be challenges, but we are working those out.
We started working on the Worship Hall putting in wiring and some of the HVAC units.  A big event this week will be placing the HVAC units on the roof. We expect to finish the Fellowship Hall construction this week and begin using the technology next week.
Here’s what happened this week:
  • Worship Hall Fans arrived
  • Fellowship Hall A/V system installation continued
  • Fellowship Hall Path of Egress lighting installation completed
  • Continued to work on the Fellowship Hall ceiling
  • Fellowship Hall HVAC interior units installed
  • Large all contractor meeting on Wednesday – worked out a lot of details
  • Final decisions regarding the wood finishes for the Worship Hall
  • Final decision on Worship Hall carpet
Here’s what we’re working on this week:
  • Fellowship Hall HVAC installation
  • Continue to work on Fellowship Hall A/V system
  • Continue working on the Worship Hall HVAC system
  • Begin work on the Worship Hall AV system
  • Begin work on the Worship Hall main structure for carrying ceiling piping
Prayer Points:
  • Please continue to keep this project in prayer and that we will give the issues over to God.
  • Pray that the work placing the heavy HVAC units on the roof happens safely
  • Pray for the workers that are working in the ceiling and other heights
  • Pray for staff and congregation that we are “understanding” as we navigate scheduling and technology challenges.
  • Pray for a solution to painting the ceiling mounted HVAC units for the Worship Hall 
  • Pray we do not miss any key details and we are finishing designs and procuring equipment
Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this project.

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