Jim Caler

Women of Faith

December 6, 2020 This week will give attention to notable women in Jesus’ line—Tamar,...

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Living Faith

August 2, 2020 Examples of faith scattered through the Scriptures and through our experience...

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Seeing Jesus in the Ruins

January 4/5, 2020 This message will be an introduction to the Minor Prophets, including...

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Continue in Thanksgiving

November 24/25, 2018 Thankfulness is not something that we only practice on Thanksgiving, it...

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Be Still

January 30/31, 2016 Key passages: 1 Kings 19; Psalm 46:10; Mark 1:29-39; Matthew 14...

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Unity Worth Fighting For

August 1/2, 2015 Unity doesn’t just “happen.” The church is made up of sinful...

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