August Prayer Walk

In August, to complete our “Summer of Prayer,” we want to focus on learning how to pray together as a church community.

On Saturday, August 18, from 9-11 am, sign up to participate in a city-wide intercessory prayer walk in all of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods.

We have divided the city into 15 different regions, and you can sign up for any of the regions online. You will be contacted by your district’s “Prayer Captain,” who will let you know the details for your region.

Let’s cover the entire city of Milwaukee in prayer!

Scroll down to sign up by region.

Region 1

North Granville, North Meadow, Ridgeview, Hilltop Parish, Northridge, Northridge Lakes, Dretzka Park, Granville Station, Pheasant Run, Riverton Heights, Park Place, Calumet Farms, Land Bank, Servite Woods, Whispering Hills, Freedom Village, Granville Woods, Pollber Heights, Buchel Park, Melody View, Brynwood, Bradley Estates

Pray in Region 1

Region 2

Mill Valley, Heritage Heights, Mack Acres, Golden Gate, Maple Tree, Park Knoll, Florist Highlands, Little Menominee Parkway, Parkway Hill, Timmerman West, Timmerman Airport, Silver Swan, Valhalla, Vogel Park, Long View

Pray in Region 2

Region 3

Menomonee River Hills, Menomonee River Hills East, Wyrick Park, Graceland, Silver Spring, Havenwoods, McGovern Park, Hampton Heights

Pray in Region 3

Region 4

Brown Deer Park, Tripoli Park, Town & Country Manor, Fairfield, Thurston Woods, Old North Milwaukee, Lincoln Park, Rufus King, Garden Homes, Grover Heights, Milwaukee River Parkway

Pray in Region 4

Region 5

Grantosa, Golden Valley, Mount Mary, Lindsay Park, St. Aemilian, Arlington Gardens, Nash Park, Kops Park, Cooper Park, Columbus Park, Capitol Heights, Dineen Park, Enderis Park, Grasslyn Manor, Sunset Heights, Wahl Park, Lincoln Creek, Roosevelt Grove

Pray in Region 5

Region 6

Estabrook Park, Franklin Heights, Arlington Heights, Borchert Field, Williamsburg Heights, Harambee, Hillside, Halyard Park, Haymarket, Schlitz Park, Brewer’s Hill, Riverwest

Pray in Region 6

Region 7

Cambridge Heights, Downers Woods, Upper East Side, Lake Park, Northpoint, Murray Hill, Riverside Park, Lower East Side

Pray in Region 7

Region 8

St. Josephs, Uptown, Washington Heights, Washington Park, Sherman Park, Metcalfe Park, Walnut Hill, Park West, Midtown, North Division, Triangle North, Triangle, King Park, Park View

Pray in Region 8

Region 9

Hawthorne Glen, Wick Field, Martin Drive, Cold Spring Park, Miller Valley, Concordia, Valley Forge, Story Hill, The Valley/Pigsville, Merrill Park, Zoo, Cannon Park, Honey Creek Parkway, Bluemound Heights, Fair Park, Johnson’s Woods, Veterans Affairs

Pray in Region 9

Region 10

Avenues West, Marquette, Kilbourn Town, Juneau Town, Yankee Hill, Lake Park, Historic Third Ward

Pray in Region 10

Region 11

Menomonee River Valley, Silver City, National Park, Mitchell Park, Clarke Square, Walker’s Point, Harbor View, Burnham Park, Muskego Way, Historic Mitchell Street, Clock Tower Acres

Pray in Region 11

Region 12

Fairview, White Manor, Jackson Park, West View, Euclid Park, Highwood Estates, River Bend, Hawley Farms, Lyons Park, Alcott Park, Morgan Heights, Rolling Green, Wedgewood, Root Creek, Green Moor, Honey Creek Manor, Alverno, Harder’s Oaks, Mount Olivet, Woodland Court, Red Oak Heights

Pray in Region 12

Region 13

Layton Park, Forest Home Hills, Lincoln Village, Southgate, Polonia, Morgandale, Southpoint

Pray in Region 13

Region 14

Jones’ Island, Baran Park, Bay View, Fernwood, Saveland Park, Tippecanoe

Pray in Region 14

Region 15

Wilson, Town of Lake, Castle Manor, Mitchell West, Holler Park, Mitchell Field, Clayton West, Gra-Ram, Copernicus Park, Maitland Park, Goldman Park, New Coeln, College Heights

Pray in Region 15


Jim Caler
Pastor of Adult Ministries
414.228.5220 x213