The Way of the Cross

Welcome to the Way of the Cross, a virtual walk through Jesus’ final moments.

As you click through these 15 pages, you will see the images depicting Jesus’ last moments, and you will be able to hear Eastbrookers of all ages read through the Scripture and/or reflections and prayers for each station.

This is a great way to experience the Way of the Cross together virtually. If you would like to walk through the Stations in person, they will be available on Friday, April 2 at Eastbrook Church in the Main Lobby.

Begin by listening to this introductory poem, written and read by Lisa Kay Galloway.

[player id=19371]

“I want to enter into what you have done
For me, for Milwaukee, for everyone
Because I don’t understand the cost
The blood, the sweat, the pain, the loss
When your Father turned away His face
The love you poured out for me to know your grace
But the greatest thing is for me to know you
Not just your joy and peace but your sorrow too
Everything else is nothing, but to know you more
So I enter the way of the cross, the suffering of my Lord.”

Original artwork by Zach Rollins, adapted with permission for Eastbrook by Liz Carver.