Christmas Eve Family Talk

Christmas Eve Family Talk

Imagine a dark night, lit only by stars peeking through windows and maybe a small oil lamp or two. Imagine dusty, scratchy straw poking through your clothes as you lie down. Feel the chill in the air, and every now and again, a waft of warm animal breath. Smell the clean hay mixed with the icky smell of animal . . . well, you know!

Is this where a baby King should be born?

Jesus could have been born into a palace—into a spacious, well-lit room with cozy rugs and a brand-new crib. He could have had the cutest little clothes and loads of baby toys! That’s what God’s people were expecting when they were waiting for the promised Savior to be born.

But, in many ways Jesus did the unexpected! He did not live in a palace and shout orders at everyone. Instead, He lived among friends and served people. He did not just hang out with people like Himself—He cared for everyone.

This is why God’s people were so confused. They expected a super-important, powerful king who would free them from the Romans. Instead, God told His people, through the prophet Isaiah, that Jesus would be a gentle servant, but a strong servant who would win in the end:

He will not break a bent twig.
He will not put out a dimly burning flame.
He will make right win over wrong.
The nations will put their hope in him.
(Matthew 12:20-21, NIrV)

How does Jesus win? By dying on the Cross to pay for sin, and then rising again! He has crushed sin and death, so that one day, all the wrongs can be made right. Everyone who trusts Jesus can share in this victory! That’s why the “nations will put their hope in him”, too. When you look at the manger tonight, remember Jesus—the unexpected servant king!

by Laure Herlinger

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