Prayer and Fasting at Eastbrook during November

We all recognize that we are at a very challenging time in our personal, national, and global history. The COVID-19 pandemic, racial tensions, our national election, and other challenges to the body of Christ around the world have brought us to a dramatic encounter with our needs and limits, while also making it clear that we need a move of God in our day and time.

In light of this, we are calling the church to a season of prayer and fasting during the upcoming preaching series, “One: The Being of God in the Life of the Church.” While you could certainly do more, we are calling the church to the following, either as individuals or as groups:

  • pray at least once per day (see suggested prayer points below)
  • fast at least one meal per week, dedicating that mealtime to prayer

If you would like more information on the nature of fasting, please visit here.

As we engage in this season of prayer and fasting, we ask the church to prayer for the following, as well as other items that the Holy Spirit may bring to mind:

  • pray for the unity of Eastbrook Church, as well as other churches
  • pray that God would speak to us and lead us as a church as we seek to navigate these days for His glory
  • pray for true peace in our city, the nation, and the nations of the earth in this divisive, confusing, and painful time
  • pray that God would guide our elections, both federal and local, for His glory
  • pray against the powers of evil that seek to disrupt and destroy, both in the church and nation
  • pray for revival in our church, city, and nation; that God would lead people to a true understanding of the gravity of sin and evil, as well as the power of the Gospel in Jesus Christ
  • ultimately, pray that God’s kingdom would come and His would be done on earth as it is in heaven

As God brings other specific prayer points to you, feel free to share those with the staff and Council here:


Nov 01 - 30 2020


All Day
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