Boomers and Beyond

A community of older adults engaged in meaningful service to enhance and strengthen the mission of Eastbrook Church.

God’s word calls all people, regardless of age, to lives of selfless service to him and to others. “Retirement” is not a concept found in the Bible! And although in 2016 we do have retirement from gainful employment, we must not retire from serving God.

“Boomers and Beyond” is the name for our population of older adults (roughly those born before 1965) who desire to serve God faithfully and “full out” during the second half of life. Older adults can do so many things so well, and with much maturity and great patience. In addition to the 3 specific ministries listed below, there are many other ways to get involved. Please contact Joan Wendelburg or Ruth Carver to find out more.

Be a part of what God is doing with his people, who are living healthier and longer than ever before in history.

Living Well Seminars

Topical seminars and workshops for the whole congregation to promote healthy living. Past and proposed topics for the future include financial health, suicide prevention, grandparenting tips, caring for aging loved ones with dementia, blood pressure screenings, preparing for retirement, dealing with cancer, understanding Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, etc.

Living Well Audio Archive

Done in a Day

If you want to serve but hesitate to make a long-term commitment (because of travel plans or time with grandchildren or whatever it might be), consider signing up for a one-day service project. Scroll down to see upcoming opportunities.

Worship Outreach Team

Older adults can have a profound impact in many venues. Our Worship Outreach Team leads “hymn sings” at a skilled nursing facility every other month, and on alternate months leads worship services at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. The team is not only musical but relational, making the most of opportunities to build relationships with people at both venues. Get involved by contacting Bill Walsh; 414.416.9900,

Please Note: At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boomers and Beyond is on hold. If you are an older adult or have questions on behalf of an older adult in the congregation, please contact Pastor Ruth Carver.

Upcoming Events


Pastor Ruth Carver
Sr. Director, Congregational Care
414.228.5220 x208