Sand-Castles or Lego-Castles

Read Matthew 7:24-29 

When I go to the beach, sometimes I build sand-castles with my brother. We can spend hours digging trenches, making walls, towers and everything. One thing that frustrates me and also makes me sad is when the waves come up higher and all our hard work gets washed away in seconds. It makes me really mad!

But other times, Landon and I will build castles and houses with his Legos.  These buildings last for days and even weeks. (Sometimes mom will knock one off the table and it might take a little damage, but they still stay together for the most part!) 

The difference in these two buildings is kind of like what Jesus is talking about in Matthew 7:24-29. Jesus gives us two different pictures of how we can build our lives. We can listen to Him and trust in Him and that’s like a house built on a rock (like the Legos—it stays together for a long time). Or we can choose to not listen and trust in Him and that’s like a house built in the sand.  A little trouble comes along and everything collapses, we get washed away or drowned in our troubles.   



  • What can you do to make sure you are building your life on the strong foundation of Jesus?
  • What does it mean for you to stand firm when the storms come?

by Hannah Caler