January 26/27, 2019 This weekend we will explore what it means that Jesus is Savior. What do we need to be saved from and how does Jesus do that? Text: John...

Prayer as Mission: The Early Church

(August 18/19, 2018) The early church spent a lot of time in prayer. Prayer was the fuel and guide for their outward mission in Jerusalem, Judea, and the further parts...

The Absolute Joy of Full Obedience

October 29/30, 2016 We were honored to have Pastor Victor Hashweh from our partner church in Amman, Jordan, with us, delivering a message from Acts 2.

7 on Mission

September 17/18, 2016 A church that is becoming a reflection of Revelation 7:9-10 aims to grow externally through missional engagement. We are looking at missional church planting (e.g., missional communities,...


May 23/24, 2015 Acts 2:14-47


May 16/17, 2015 Acts 2:1-13


May 9/10, 2015 Acts 1:12-26


May 2/3, 2015 Acts 1:1-11