Refugee Messiah

January 10, 2021 With echoes of Moses’ journey and the Exodus, Jesus’ earthly parents flee from the wrath of Herod the Great to Egypt, returning only after an angelic visitation...

Prayer that Intercedes for God’s People: Moses

June 9/10, 2018 The ongoing rebellion of God’s people after the Exodus appears to have worn God out. Judgment will come upon them for their disobedience, yet Moses intercedes with...

Difficulties at Work

September 26/27, 2015 This week focuses on the difficulties we develop with work, including fruitlessness, selfishness, meaninglessness, and idolatry from Genesis 3, Ecclesiastes, Genesis 11, and Exodus 34.

The Neighbor

April 12/13, 2014 Exodus 20:16-17; Mark 12:31

The Ten

March 1/2, 2014 One of the key identity markers for God’s people is the Ten Commandments. When God called His people, the Hebrews, out of slavery from Egypt and into...