Signposts at the End

April 24, 2022 This message will focus on Jesus’ teaching about the signs of the end of the age. Matthew 24:1-35

The Woes of the Religiously Misguided

April 3, 2022 We explore the seven woes that Jesus speaks against the religious establishment and Jerusalem itself. Matthew 23:1-38

The Withering of the Old Ways

March 13, 2022 Jesus cleanses the temple and causes a fig tree to wither. Jesus’ authority is questioned by the religious leaders and he responds by stonewalling them. What does...

Unlikely King

March 6, 2022 Jesus predicts his death and then enters into Jerusalem with great acclamation. Matthew 20:17-19; 21:1-11

Living Stones

October 11, 2020 1 Peter 2:4-6


April 5, 2020 Prophesying at the same time as Haggai, and during the return from exile recorded in the book of Ezra, Zechariah rebukes the people for breaking the covenant...