January 26/27, 2019 This weekend we will explore what it means that Jesus is Savior. What do we need to be saved from and how does Jesus do that? Text: John...

The Gate

January 5/6, 2019 What does Jesus mean when He says that He is “…the gate for the sheep…whoever enters through me will be saved” (John 10:7,9).

I Am Loved Beyond Measure

May 12/13, 2018 Because of Jesus Messiah, God’s love is made clear and powerful in our lives. Our sense of belonging in God can shape our sense of personal identity....

Embodied Presence

October 1/2, 2016 Pastor Paul Bland of Milwaukee’s Oikos Church, kicks off the opening weekend of our 2016 Mission Fest with a message from John 1:14.

Wide: Changed with People

January 16/17, 2016 Key Passages: Matthew 22:39, 1 John 4:7-9, Matthew 4:1-11, John 3,4,5,9


April 4/5, 2015 (Easter) Key passage: John 20:1-31  


March 21/22, 2015 Jesus’ trials threaten to overcome Him, but they actually become a way of life and victory as Jesus overcomes death and sin. Jesus tells His followers that...


March 14/15, 2015 Perhaps the most-quoted words from Jesus’ final teaching are found in John 15:1-17, this passage about abiding in the vine as branches that bear fruit. But what...

The Spirit

February 28/March 1, 2015 In John 14:1-31 and John 15:26-16:15, Jesus comforts His disciples by providing them insight into His life with the Father and the promise of the Holy Spirit; highlighting...