Dying Again

July 29/30, 2017 Pastor Emeritus Marc Erickson continues our series on the parables of Luke’s Gospel account with a message on Lazarus from Luke 16:19-31.

Hidden Power

July 8/9, 2017 Visiting Pastor Stuart Briscoe brings a message on the Kingdom of God from Luke 13:18-21. After Jesus healed a woman who was “bound by Satan” a debate...

Empty Accounts

July 1/2, 2017 Luke 12:13-21

Lost and Found

June 17/18, 2017 Will Branch unpacks three parallel parables from Luke 15:1-32 of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost sons.

Seed and Soil

June 10/11, 2017 Pastor J.C. Heiden kicks off the final part of our 10-month exploration on the Gospel of Luke with a new series called “Stories Worth Living: Parables of...