Love · Sex · Body

All around us, in our daily interactions with others and in the cultural conversation, we encounter ever-changing and vigorous debates about the nature of the human body, gender identity, and sexuality.

In this series we will take steps toward developing a more-robust theology of the embodied sexuality within the contemporary church. Walking through the four-chapter gospel, we want to understand how our bodies, our sexuality, our relationships, yes, our very selves are affected by God’s creation, the fall into sin, Christ’s redeeming work, and the ultimate restoration of all things.

Through this series we will strive to develop a clear yet nuanced approach to Scripture on God’s purposes for love, the human body and sexuality from Genesis through Revelation, with attention to pertinent issues and questions.

To encourage conversation within the church, this series will include sermon discussion groups each weekend during the 11 am hour every Sunday morning (October 27-November 24).

Trained facilitators will help us talk deeply with one another around tables. Also, our NextGen and Adult Ministry teams are working on follow-up classes on related topics scheduled to begin in January 2020.