The Door of Hope

Read Hosea 2:14-20

Sometimes, the book of Hosea makes me feel a little uncomfortable. The themes of unfaithfulness, loss, brokenness, and shocking redemption can be hard to understand. Yet, Hosea is a picture of the hope we have because of Jesus! “I will lead her into the wilderness” (v. 14) speaks to a time when Israel relied entirely upon Yahweh. For some a wasteland, but for God’s people it was a place of deliverance…and a time of testing. I’ve often been marked by the “wilderness.” Seemingly senseless moments fraught with waiting, inactivity, dryness. I’m sure you can relate!

Corrie Ten Boom’s analogy of the underside of a tapestry comes to mind; knotted, intertwining threads, a chaotic array of colors. Yet the top shows a beautiful pattern, order, and purpose. God sees what we cannot. The Valley of Achor (trouble, v. 15) points to judgment (Joshua 7:1-26). But God now speaks of a new covenant with His people! The Valley will be transformed into a Door of Hope. Hope is a place of expectation in the midst of trouble…Jesus is our Door of Hope (John 10:7-10)!

The Hebrew root word of “master” (v. 16b) emphasizes a husband’s legal rights over his wife (Exodus 21:3; Deuteronomy 22:22). In contrast, the root word of “my husband” (v. 16a) speaks of an intimate partnership (Genesis 2:23, 3:6). What an amazing picture of God’s grace and mercy! No longer a legal commitment but now an intimate love. From conditional and dependent upon obedience (Leviticus 26) to unconditional and dependent upon grace (Ephesians 2:8-9). The “I will” statements prevalent throughout this passage speak of the inevitability of God’s goodness. Have you ever stopped to think of that? Love is not merely an attribute of God—He is love and cannot be false to Himself (2 Timothy 2:13)!

This new covenant is marked by peace (v. 18), permanency (v. 19), perfection and purpose (v. 19b-20). Righteousness, justice, love, compassion, and faithfulness. The bride price we could never pay, paid on our behalf. As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, let us also remember Good Friday and the hope of Easter!


For Personal Reflection: Spend some time today thanking Jesus for being your Door of Hope.

✧ Nativity Building: Place Mary and Joseph in the stable. The time has almost arrived for Baby Jesus to be born!

by Jamie Chapman

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