The Light of the Family

Read John 13:34-35

Throughout the history of Eastbrook our church family has welcomed people from all around the world as they arrive here in Milwaukee. We have provided meals, furniture, hospitality and friendship. Welcoming these new friends is close to Rob and Amy’s heart.

Earlier this year, Amy and Rob learned that her cancer had returned and that she would require chemotherapy. They made the decision to keep their home open and continue to welcome these precious new friends into their lives and the lives of our church family.

God used this opportunity to shine the light of the church family to these new friends. In today’s video, Rob shares how our church family came together to pray, care, host, and love each other. Their new friends were able to see firsthand what it means to be a church family, and it has brought us all together in deeper relationships and conversations with these friends from overseas.

When they reflect on that night, Rob and Amy are brought to John 13:34-35. Spend time reflecting on this passage, and on Rob & Amy’s story. Do you approach the areas where you serve with the same heart towards community? What are some ways you can return to this core truth?

Use this devotional as an opportunity to host a conversation with your friends, family, neighbors or small group. After watching today’s video post on, use these steps to discuss the Bible passage for today:

  • One person reads the Bible passage out loud while everyone else follows along.
  • Each person take a turn restating the passage in their own words.
  • Read the passage again.
  • Have each person answer these questions:
    • “What does this tell me about God?”
    • “What does this tell me about me?”
    • “What does this tell me I ought to do?”
  • Have each person share who they know that they will share this with.

by Amy & Rob Stensberg