Week 5 Family Talk

Messiah, Magi & the Nations

Have you ever eaten a bad apple? If you are starving, it might look good. It might be shiny, but when you take a bite it is rotten to the core. Disgusting! It would make you sick. A ripe apple is sweet, crisp, and refreshing. It gives you energy and life.

King Herod was like that bad apple. Sin-stained. Dangerous. Selfish and hungry for power. We are all born hungry. Sometimes, like Herod, we try to feed ourselves with things that make us feel good, but are not good for us.

Look instead at King Jesus, the good King, holy and sinless, full of peace and life. He is the bringer of justice and righteousness, the True King, the King that we all need to find.

  • In your devotions this week, you read about the Magi who searched for the king of the Jews. They knew it was not King Herod. How did they know that Herod was not the king that they were looking for? 
  • Herod was full of jealousy and selfishness. He made evil choices because of those feelings. We can also make bad, selfish choices. What can we do to follow Jesus, the One True King, instead?  

by Megan Hendricks