August 21 Update

Construction is moving forward with many items completed this week. Much of the work is related to “behind the scenes” details, but details are vital to a successful project.  This makes the progress feel like it is slowing down, however many details that determine the quality of the finished product are being address during this time.  Given we are working with a 60 year old building there have been some surprises and some code changes that are being addressed as they come up.  Overall, we are prioritizing the Fellowship Hall renovation due to the impact on the Eastbrook Academy lunchtime needs.  We will continue to work on the Worship Hall as ordered equipment arrives.
We are excited to see some projects completed and other projects begin!
Here’s what happened this week:
  • The AV design is complete
  • Painters have completed painting the ceiling
  • Wall coverings have been selected and ordered
  • Carpet layout and design completed, pricing received
  • Radiator covers in Worship Hall have been painted
  • The ceiling tile grid in the Fellowship Hall has been completed
  • Carpet samples have been ordered for final selection
Prayer Points:
  • Please continue to keep this project in prayer and that we will give the issues over to God
  • Pray for the workers that are working in the ceiling and other heights
  • Pray for the remaining contractor quotes to come within our budget
  • Pray the architects are successful in getting permit issued
  • Pray the City of Milwaukee does not expand the scope of the project for code compliance
  • Pray we do not miss any key details and we are finishing designs and procuring equipment
Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this project.

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