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Speak Out! is the storytelling magazine of Eastbrook Church.

Everybody loves a good story. If you sit with a child to read a story to them, watch out! You may find yourself being asked to read it again and again and again. If you open your house for a movie night on Friday, you will likely have a big group of friends show up to hang out and watch a story unfold on the screen. When you visit family over the holidays, if one of the “older generation” starts to tell about times gone by, regardless of their age, many people will likely gather around to listen, ask questions, and find out more. Why? It is because everybody loves a good story.

Psalm 107:2 says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.” These words rise up near the beginning of a powerful song of praise and celebration, remembering the goodness and love of God to His people. Another translation of that same verse says, “Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out!”

There are a lot of things we can speak out about in our world today. One thing we must do as a church is to speak out about how we have experienced the good work of God in our lives. This gives us the opportunity to remember that God is at work all around us, both individually and in our life together as the church. Speaking out about God’s work in our lives gives us a chance to enter into worship as we say together: ‘it is good to live life with a God like that!’

So, as you read the following issues of our storytelling magazine, Speak Out!, celebrate with me the stories of how God is at work. And at the same time, think about how you, too, can speak out about the love and goodness of God!

Pastor Matt Erickson

CURRENT ISSUE: Summer 2024

Summer seems like a good time to have some fun, don’t you think?! The theme for Issue 18 of Speak Out! is “The Fun Issue: Life to the Full.” We’re still sharing informative & inspirational stories of about our church family, but with a fun twist. You may recognize some of the formats of these articles from checkout-counter magazines of the past!

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A guide (of sorts) to how we get from the planning stages for a series to the message we hear each Sunday

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We ask church family members how they engage with the Word

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How well do you know Eastbrook's pastors? Read on to find out!

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Get a few new recommendations for your summer playlists from some of our worship leaders

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Issue 17: Carry One Another’s Burdens

Spring 2024

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Issue 16: Eastbrook Educates

Winter 2024

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Issue 15: Discipleship

Fall 2023

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Issue 14: Joy in the House of the Lord!

Summer 2023

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Issue 13: Visual Art

Spring 2023

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Issue 12: Rhythms of Rest

Winter 2023

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Issue 11: Pilgrimage

Fall 2022

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Issue 10: A Seat at the Table

Summer 2022

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Issue 9: Be the Light

Fall 2017

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Issue 8: Reaching Out

Fall 2016

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Issue 7: Envisioning Vocation

Summer 2016

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Issue 6: Beauty from Brokenness

Spring 2016

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Issue 5: Telling Our Stories

Winter 2015/2016

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Issue 4

Fall 2015

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Issue 3

Summer 2015

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Issue 2

Spring 2015

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Issue 1

Winter 2014/2015

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