July 24 Update

We will be sending out weekly C-Wing Construction updates on Monday afternoons from the start of construction (yesterday) through the completion of this large-scale renovation project. Each week, we will give an update on where we stand and what we hope to do in the coming week. We hope that this will help keep everyone on the same page with this massive project that has many complexities and many moving parts.
Here’s what has happened already: 
  • A crew of volunteers worked hard after the 11 am service on Sunday to empty the Worship Hall of all chairs and loose items. Thank you to all who helped!
  • Yesterday morning, our asbestos removal team arrived and the abatement process has begun. 
Prayer Points:
  • Please continue to keep this project in your prayers.
  • Pray for the HVAC system design to come together and that we will find a cost effective solution.
  • Pray for continued clarity of communication between Eastbrook and our various vendors (A/V vendor, contractor, architect, HVAC vendor, etc.) 
  • Pray that we will find the best possible flooring solution for our church. 
  • Finally, most importantly, pray over the upcoming Eastbrook Outdoors weekend, for safety, for good weather, for a large turn-out, and relationship building to occur among members of our congregation who may not normally worship together! 
Thank you for your prayers and support of this project,

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