Men’s Studies


  • 6:45-8 am (Open to all men)
    Pallas Restaurant (1657 S. 108th St. (Hwy. 100), Milwaukee 53214)
    Contact Bob Conklin; 414.342.1550,


  • 6:30-7:30 am (Open to all men)
    Meet at Ewald Land Design (9900 N. Granville Rd. 107th st -1.5 miles north of Brown Deer Rd.)
    Contact TBD.
  • 7:00-8:30 pm (Open to all men)
    Meets at Eastbrook Church in Room B229 (enter through main entrance, 5353 N. Green Bay Ave.)
    Contact Kevin Eide; 414.477.0231,


  • 6-7:30 am (Open to all men)
    Meets at Johnny V’s Classic Café (1650 S 84th St, Milwaukee, WI 53214)
    Contact Gary Swick; 414.530.7006,
  • 7-8 am (Open to all men)
    Meets at Plaza Hotel (1007 N. Cass St.) in the restaurant
    Contact Ray Clark; 414.690.6254,
  • 12-1 pm Fellowship of Christian Athletes North Shore Bible Study (Open to all men)
    Meets at Holy Grounds Café’ (5409 N. Green Bay Ave –On North end of Eastbrook Church parking lot)
    Contact Tom Meyer; 414.228.5220 x229,


  • 6-7 am (Open to all men) Meets at Quarry Coffee (20316 W Main St, Lannon, WI 53046)
    Contact Jeremy Huston, 414.915.3601.


  • 7-9 am (Open to all men)
    Meets at Eastbrook Church Building (Room 207 of the Church Office Building)
    Contact Adam Yopp; 414.530.6607,