Walking on Water

October 3, 2021 Jesus walks on water. What does this tell us about Jesus? Matthew 14:22-36

The New Moses

November 26, 2021 Jesus feeds a crowd of over 5,000 people with near to nothing. What does that tell us about Jesus? Matthew 14:13-21

Missing Jesus

September 12, 2021 Jesus is rejected in His own hometown, so He begins to go elsewhere. Why would anyone reject Jesus? Matthew 13:53-58

The Messiah’s Family

August 1, 2021 We often talk about Jesus making us part of the family of God. What does that mean and how radical is it really? Matthew 12:46-50

The Messiah and the Sabbath

July 11, 2021 Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath…what does that mean? Matthew 12:1-21

The Way of the Wilderness

January 31, 2021 The wilderness temptation of Jesus is pivotal for defining his way of ministry as opposed to Satanic pathways. This also echoes the people of Israel’s wilderness wanderings...

Baptized with Water and Spirit

January 24, 2021 Jesus’ baptism is the fulfillment of all righteousness and a revelation of His Sonship. It also echoes the Exodus journey of Israel through the Red Sea. Matthew...

Refugee Messiah

January 10, 2021 With echoes of Moses’ journey and the Exodus, Jesus’ earthly parents flee from the wrath of Herod the Great to Egypt, returning only after an angelic visitation...

The Way of Jesus and the Way of Herod

January 3, 2021 An exploration of the contrasting kingship of Jesus and Herod with attention to how both of them present a “way” of life that is starkly different in...

Messiah, Magi, and the Nations

December 27, 2020 One of the promises about the Messiah was that the nations would stream toward him. This vividly happens in the story of the magi, or wise men,...

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