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Good News International has been a friend of Eastbrook Church for many years with our members supporting their efforts to care for and equip widows of the 1994 genocide. Our leaders have also participated in an annual pastor’s conference and men’s conference to support the local church. We recently received this update from their U.S. based partner Inshuti International

Rwanda & COVID-19

It was on the 14th of March 2020 when Rwanda recorded the first positive case of covid-19.

From that day the situation has changed in all sectors of life in Rwanda. On the following week many people didn’t go to work because every place was not considered safe. In order to protect its citizen against the rapid spread of Covid-19, the government of Rwanda immediately announced the lock down. The schools were closed and students returned home. Churches and worship places were closed. All activities and movements were closed with the  exception of essential personnel such as those in the medical service, the military, police, person involved in food production. This was a great measure to protect the country against the rapid spread of COVID-19, but again it had a great effect on the poor families and those people who were eating from what they earned the same day.

One day before this restriction, people who had money bought enough food for their families. The big problem came to those who had no money. The biggest problem which was difficult was the lack of food for the poor families.

Our Good News International widows and orphans were among the most suffering people because they were already poor and vulnerable. With the support of Inshuti International, we were able to supply food to 150 families who were suffering from hunger.

Effect of the support

The Emergency support offered by Inshuti International was very helpful on the highest level. That time people were suffering more than any other time. With that support, GNI was able to support 150 families who were in the critical condition of need. We tried to help as many people as we could because almost every one of our beneficiaries was suffering.

Most of the support from Inshuti International was distributed in three communities that are very much connected with Inshuti International. Those communities are Masaka, Nduba and Rugalika.

Many of our field workers serve in sensitive regions of the world, and so providing public updates can be challenging. If you’d like to hear these, join us for Missions Prayer on Sundays at 9:30am via Zoom. Email Dan at dryan@eastbrook.org for the link.

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