Read Matthew 28:16-20  

Since I was a young child in social studies, I have been interested in watching the presidential inauguration ceremonies. There was something so awe-inspiring about seeing someone take on such a deep commitment to so many people from so many backgrounds. I was amazed that anyone could or would want such a job.

As I watched this year’s inauguration, the same feelings came back. It is not the political backing or even the level of leadership that intrigues me. It is the willingness to give up one’s individuality for the collective good of all. It is a needed role, but a man or woman cannot fully meet the needs of all people, but Jesus was, is and always will be!

Matthew 28:16-20 is an extremely important passage of Scripture, because we receive our commission from the King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus has risen and has met the disciples. The moment is awe-inspiring, because what few could comprehend had indeed happened as Jesus told them. The disciples were given the commission to go and tell everyone about the precious gift of relationship with Jesus; to offer them the free gift of salvation that was given to us by the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. They were to go to all nations, because this was not a race or culturally-exclusive gift. This gift was and is for anyone willing to receive it.

One thing that I have heard from every President that has been inaugurated is their desire to do what they feel is best for our nation. This is a huge burden and undertaking, because as human beings, we are limited in our ability to do what is best for all. However, Jesus is able! Let us remember the great commission that was given by the Almighty. Let us proclaim the goodness and the gift of Jesus Christ that was freely given. This gift is a unifier and the only thing that draws us together as a people. The Word of God can and will break down the walls that have been built up in the hearts and minds of people. I am thankful that no matter where God places me, that I am able to walk in the commission that He has proclaimed. We are blessed that God has given His Holy Spirit to help us accomplish this great task.

God has already laid out the blueprint for what our country and world needs, let us refocus our attention to doing the job He commissioned us to do.


  • Which part of the great commission is most intimidating to you? How does His promise to be with you reassure you of this call? 

by Fredrick Pierce, Sr.