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Fall FamilyEvents 2020


Read a short introduction from our Eastbrook Kids team about these Fall Family Events for 2020!

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A Day at the Orchard

Invite your small group to an apple orchard for an afternoon of apple-picking!

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Pumpkin Carving

Use a traditional Halloween activity as an opportunity to remember God’s work in us through Jesus.

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Fall Hike

Whether you are walking in a forest, a park, down the street or a desert, God will meet you there. Invite your
small group to fall hike.

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Pumpkin Farm Outing

Fall is a great time to continue outdoor activities with your family or even your small group. How about a trip to the farm to search for a pumpkin that is just right?

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Autumn days darken early after the long summer days. Invite another family to share a Glow-in-the-Dark party with you!

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Eastbrook KidsResources

Kids' Bible Study Guide
(Club 56)

A two-page PDF written for kids who want to learn to study the Bible on their own.

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