Rejoice Always!

Read Philippians 4:4-7

When Paul wrote this he was in prison, and he knew that his circumstances weren’t going to get him down—he was going to rejoice in the Lord always. And he wanted the Philippian church to do the same whenever life got hard. We need to do the same today. When I have abundance and when I have little, I need to give God all the glory. 

Recently I started the ministry residency program here at Eastbrook so that I could get a full-time perspective of what it is like working at a church. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity but I was worried and anxious about the amount of money that I was going to make and that I wouldn’t be able to stay living where I live while working here.  

Well, I prayed and petitioned to God. I believe God works through people also, so I also asked for people to pray for my situation and keep in mind of someone looking for a roommate to share my apartment, or a cheaper apartment altogether. I talked with another friend, and he mentioned a living subsidy to help pay my rent. I could let fear of the word “no”stop me from asking, or I could ask and see what happens…well, they agreed to it! What a blessing! The next action I needed to take was to call my apartment and see if they would keep my rent the same. So, I took the action, but they wouldn’t answer me. My lease was set to end on October 31 and I kept calling but no answer. They didn’t send me another lease agreement until October 21 which they said they would cut the rent raise in half, so only $37.50 instead of $75.00. That amount was doable! All I had to do was pray, and ask God for direction, and then take that direction! God is good all the time!   

For reflection: 

  • What do you think keeps us from praying and petitioning God when certain circumstances come up in our lives?
  • Memorize Philippians 4:4-7 as a source of confidence to approach God in these moments.

by Curt Clemetson

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