Returning to the Family

Read Acts 20:17-37

It today’s video, Zach shared a story about his return to Eastbrook after being overseas for a season. He was not expecting the response he received on his first Sunday back. He experienced person after person, who didn’t just give a quick greeting, but genuinely connected. This type of welcome can leave a lasting impression on those who serve overseas. Most assume that the longer they are away, the more distant they become to our church family. But through our Missions Prayer Class and many other groups, we as a church stay connected to those serving overseas. We are family with them.

This commitment changes how we view missions. It is not simply something for a select few to embark on at a distance. Rather, it is something that we journey on together as a family. 

Today we challenge you to read the story of Paul and the elders of the church at Ephesus as told in Acts 20:17-37. This is a story of a group of believers who have walked the road of deep relationship and difficult ministry. Reflect on the tearful goodbye between the two, and on how you engage with those of our church family who go to serve around the city and world.

Use this devotional as an opportunity to host a conversation with your friends, family, neighbors or small group. After watching today’s video post on, use these steps to discuss the Bible passage for today:

  • One person reads the Bible passage out loud while everyone else follows along.
  • Each person take a turn restating the passage in their own words.
  • Read the passage again.
  • Have each person answer these questions:
    • “What does this tell me about God?”
    • “What does this tell me about me?”
    • “What does this tell me I ought to do?”
  • Have each person share who they know that they will share this with.

by Zach Kok