Standing Strong in Faith

Read Joshua 1:6-9 

It’s one thing to say we believe God is at work on our behalf and will make a way in our seemingly impossible situations. It’s another thing completely to live out this belief when the road is strewn with stones that trip us and we come to a fork in the road and can’t quite remember where the next turn leads. 

At these crossroads, we are to stand firm and unmoving in the movement of God. Many people think standing strong and courageous means we have to do the work and it’s up to us to be brave. But true strength stands on the unchanging Word of God. When we dig our heels into Scripture, we build a firm foundation that offers us confidence as we are reminded of God’s character and stand on His promises. 

God assured Joshua that His presence will be with him and gives the command to take heart. Multiple times, God mentions this, even adding very courageous as emphasis. Leading the Israelites is no small task as they geared up to cross the Jordan River and take the land God promised, without the help of a proper road map. Of course knees would be knocking and anxious thoughts would swirl. But in this moment of embarking into the unknown, God encouraged Joshua that He would be with him, and that was to be his strength. God then gave Joshua a game plan to combat the fear: meditate on His Word and keep it close. The Bible keeps us grounded and guides us in His truth for the tasks ahead.

Trust is hard when we’re wrapped in worry, but God, as our Creator, knows our humanity and emotions. He doesn’t say we are exempt from fear, but He promises us His presence and Word so we may step forward in faith despite our worry.

Real faith stands firm on what we can’t see and moves us forward with eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of that faith. We don’t have to wonder if we’re making the right choice or where our lives will lead, because we can rest assured that God is with us no matter where we are. Like Joshua, we can live a daily faith through communion with God, Scripture, and bold moves that build our belief brick by brick to establish our own Promised Land in Him.


  • When has your faith in God been most tested? How did you stand strong in that situation? 

by Sarah Freymuth