Waiting for Judgment

Read James 5:1-8 

As a gardener, I have come to understand our total reliance on the Lord: from the gift of life, with sprouting seeds, to favorable weather and a productive harvest in spite of all the things that can damage a crop. It gives me a perspective that all I have is a result of the blessing and gifting of God.

When that perspective gets off track, terrible things can occur.

In this passage, James points out the harsh judgment coming for those who have hoarded wealth and misused it: storing up treasures, at the cost of others only to realize the treasures of this world will not last. This judgment is a warning to those with wealth who use it for the wrong purposes. As we look at the injustice recorded in this passage, and as we look at the injustice in our world today, do we understand the responsibilities and opportunity required of wealthy Christians? Do we seek out those opportunities to be fair in our financial transactions? Do we give GOD the glory for the source of that financial wealth and look for opportunities to help in our communities?

As Christians, the injustice of this world at times makes us cry out for the Lord to take action. But in the last two verses, James asks Christians to be patient. We are to wait on the Lord’s timing. We wait, not just with patience, but with assured patience, know that judgment will come. As sure as we are of the sun rising the morning, of the spring rains and, for the gardeners in Wisconsin, the last frost in May. We live in the assuredness that the Just Judgment is coming.


  • Is there a situation in which you want/need God’s justice?
  • What does it look like for you to wait with assured patience?

by Steve Kiskunas