Your Invitation to Family

Read Galatians 5:13-26

Today marks the halfway point for this devotional, and we wanted to pause and invite you to an opportunity that is available to you today.

Throughout this devotional series and week of MissionsFest, we have been sharing stories from our city and world about how we are on mission together, as a family. But I (Dan Ryan) am worried that we can start sliding into a mindset that this focus can start to be used as a strategy for missions rather than a core part of our Christian faith.

Today Eastbrook Church is hosting a Small Group Launch event because being part of a church is more than simply attending a worship service. Whether you have been attending Eastbrook for a while, or are new during this unique season, we hope that you are a part of a small group. To get started, you can participate in this virtual connect event to get connected into a small group with other Eastbrookers that will help this church become more of a family than an event. Visit for more information.

For today’s reflection, read Galatians 5:13-26. This passage is usually read through the lens of personal behavior, but we challenge you to view this passage through the lens of community and what that means for you in the upcoming months.

Use this devotional as an opportunity to host a conversation with your friends, family, neighbors or small group. After watching today’s video post on, use these steps to discuss the Bible passage for today:

  • One person reads the Bible passage out loud while everyone else follows along.
  • Each person take a turn restating the passage in their own words.
  • Read the passage again.
  • Have each person answer these questions:
    • “What does this tell me about God?”
    • “What does this tell me about me?”
    • “What does this tell me I ought to do?”
  • Have each person share who they know that they will share this with.

by Dan Ryan